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Reliable Document Retrieval Services

Get Copies of Key Documents When You Need Them

Getting access to key records and documents can take up a lot of your time. With our document retrieval services, we can get you the records you need as quickly as possible. 

Our team is well-connected and well-trained in different ways of retrieving court documents and records, which will help speed up the process for you. 

We can help you acquire criminal and civil case files – plain copies or notarized.

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The Information You Gain

What We Deliver

Here are some of the types of documents or records that we can help you retrieve:

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Court Transcripts

Case Briefs

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Court Orders

Statement of Damages

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Due Diligence Reports

Our Service Coverage

Document Retrieval Services Anywhere in Georgia

Our Document Retrieval services are available all throughout Georgia. Our well-established network of expert researchers can retrieve documents and conduct background checks in all 159 counties. Results are available to you within the same day or in as fast as 24-48 hours depending on your county.