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Why We're Trusted in All of Georgia

What sets our background solutions company apart from the rest is our pursuit of a results-driven process. We provide results promptly and with the right pricing structure, without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of data. Our progress in the industry is the reason as to why we are quickly closing the gap with the leading competitors.

Accuracy of Information
Results-Driven Processes
Competitive Turn Around Times and Rates
Background Checks GeorgiaBackground Solutions Company

Counties in Georgia

Why We're Good At What We Do

Our System Relies on Real People

Our system is not an algorithm-based system. We don’t provide you with automated background checks, but with real checks conducted by our expert network of record retrievers in all 159 counties of Georgia. 

Our team of courthouse runners personally investigates records in county Superior and State courts. Our people get the work done and this preference for human intervention guarantees that your results are real, verified, fact-checked and fully accounted for. 

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