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Our background screening services are tailored to provide you access to information that you need before making any decision with hiring or investing in the right people. All services are done at the county and superior court level, with our professional network diving into real and reliable data (not electric databases). Impeccable Background Solutions can be customized to fit the exact results you’re looking for. 

Criminal Searches

Criminal Background checks are imperative especially when protecting your interests or the interests of your company. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this screening process before you make any big decisions with investments or hires.

Civil Record Searches

Civil Background Checks provide you with an understanding of how you can trust people with your finances or with management-level responsibilities. Our Civil Record Searches Service helps you establish the credibility of your prospect hire.

Document Retrieval

Our Document Retrieval services help you gain access to actual case files. Our expert researcher network will help you with the retrieval of plain copies or notarized copies of criminal or civil case files for whatever purposes they may serve you.

Our Background Service Coverage

We're Live in All 159 Counties in Georgia

Our services are available all throughout Georgia. Our well-established network of expert researchers can retrieve documents and conduct background checks in all 159 counties. Results are available to you within the same day or in as fast as 24-48 hours depending on your county.