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Supplementary Civil Record Searches

Take Extra Precautionary Measures with Our Civil Record Searches

Criminal searches will reveal a lot of critical information about your person of interest. However, this does not include any non-criminal cases or civil lawsuits that may contain significant information and may shed light further on a person’s background, behaviors, and even values and judgments. 

We advise taking this extra step when you’re hiring for a managerial role or any role in your company that deals with your finances. Our Civil Record Searches will reveal any involvements with fraudulent activities or contract disputes, among others. 

Our team will conduct a deep dive research of all available information at the county and superior court level to get detailed civil search results before you make any critical decision. Searches will cover a minimum scope of ten years and are done at the county level.

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After availing of our civil records search services, you will be able to gain access to the following information about your person of interest: 

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Civil Lawsuits

Breach of Contracts

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Domestic Disputes

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Restraining Orders

Debt Recordings or Bank Liens

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100% Compliant with Federal & State Laws

Fully Compliant with Background Check Laws in Georgia

All Civil Records Searches carried out by Impeccable Background Solutions are fully compliant with federal, state, and local laws that are active in the state of Georgia

We strictly follow rules and guidelines stated in the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) of 1970, especially with regards to the release of arrest information not leading to convictions within a 7-year period. 

We encourage our clients to do the same and comply with the regulations stipulated in the FCRA

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Civil Records Searches
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Our Civil Records Search services are available all throughout Georgia. Our well-established network of expert researchers can retrieve documents and conduct background checks in all 159 counties. Results are available to you within the same day or in as fast as 24-48 hours depending on your county.